is a term used primarily by Marxisttheorists  to describe the underclass devoid of class consciousness
(Sungsu Social Fashion Project)

Fashion Design, Artwork

A group of unemployed people, such as vagrants, criminals, drug abusers, and prostitutes who are isolated and helpless in their own unemployment situation and are suffering from a lack of enthusiasm for labor. 

They inevitably emerge from the capitalist society.
The English LUMPEN means vagrant, and the German LUMP means a ragged person, worn-out person, or vagrant. 

LUMPEN criticizes existing artisans in Sugsu-dong for their poor eyesight and the fact that they are driven around by social unfairness such as


where they are forced to leave due to the cost and inflow of large capital. 
It compares LUMPEN's appearance with bold oversized silhouette, asymmetry, patchwork, and all-outream and image prints.